Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New 9/11 winners...

So, since there were a number of unclaimed prizes in our giveaway and the winners have had 3 full days to contact the sponsors, I redrew names for the unclaimed prizes. As before, please be sure to let me know when you have contacted your sponsor. This way, if you don't hear back from them, I can help with the communication. Thank you so much for playing!

Whimsical Occassions ($10 off a welcome home banner)      Briana Lee

Hair Flair (Keychain or zipper pull)                                    Sarahann Bowers Powell

K&P Crafts ($5 Gift certificate)                                         Maxine Browning

Business Printing Company ($25 Gift certificate)                 Melissa Morian

Andrea's Clips (Green pacifier clip)                                    Felica Bazzell

Mama Bakes Diaper Cakes (Fireman burp cloth)                   Tina Ledbetter

Gifts and Monogramming at SJ (Military hair bow)              Shelly Meadows

Gifts and Monogramming at SJ (Yellow ribbon hair bow)      Jessica Farmer

Baby Chic Boutique (Army blanket)                                   Melissa Morian

Random Craftiness (Sugar cookies)                                    Erin Smith

Remember, you have 3 days to contact your sponsor to claim your prize or I'll have to redraw... again...

Thank you!!

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