Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new... 2014!

Wow, I cannot believe 2013 is over already! It seems like the year had just started and now we're in 2014. It was such a great year with my brother getting married, our family vacation to Denver and California, and, of course, lots of time with my hubby and kiddos!
For the first time in a few months, I'm linking up to Oh Boy 4th Grade's monthly Currently link up to share a bit about what's been going on with me.
The majority of the things above are pretty self-explanatory... my daughter wanted a treat, hence the root beer float, what better way to spend winter break than in your jammies, having no motivation to do anything over break (who does?!?), needing a maid so I have one less thing on my crazy long to-do list....
However, there are a few things that obviously need some more detail. My goals for next year being one of them. As I was thinking about resolutions yesterday, I had pretty much decided to not make any so I didn't have any disappointment down the road (yeah, I'm not so great at keeping up with resolutions). But then I got to thinking about the crazy long to do list I mentioned above and realized something... Does it really need to be that long?!? So I have a whole ONE resolution this year... prioritize!
Instead of trying to do a million things at once, feeling overwhelmed at the long list, then feeling guilty when I don't get anything done, I'm going to get better at prioritizing. So, instead of a long list of resolutions, I'm going to instead make a list of priorities... and stick to it!
1. God (finding some way to improve my daily worship)
2. Family (making sure to spend *meaningful* time with my hubby and girls every day)
3. Friends (setting aside time with friends at least twice a month)
4. Work (using my time effectively so I am able to spend more time on the first of my 3 priorities without my job suffering while still being as good of a teacher, if not better, than I am now)
5. Online work (I have very lofty goals here like blogging 4-5 times a week and creating 2 new products a week but I'm not going to stress myself out by trying to do that and ending up neglecting one of my higher priorities)
6. Housework (yep, this is on the bottom of my list because, frankly, I have a wonderful hubby that helps A LOT with the daily work like dishes and laundry so, thankfully, that helps immensely!!)
Now, on to the memory for 2013... my first AZ Blogger Meet Up!
This was so much fun and I met a lot of truly amazing ladies! They set such an incredible example of leadership and success. I am so proud to be part of such a great group. Now we just need to set up our next meeting!
Have a wonderful New Year's Day!


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  1. I think a list of priorities is a great idea! I, too am not a big fan or resolutions and that is probably because I just don't keep them. The Arizona meet up looks like it was fun!!

    Crayons and Whimsy