Saturday, September 14, 2013

Slime, Cookies, Fire Fighters, Oh My!

I wish I had more crafty pictures to post for my "Five for Friday" and "Peek at my Week" instead of a bunch of pictures of my classroom but, honestly, 'tis the life of a teacher. My life is my family and my classroom and I wouldn't trade it for anything! (Except maybe an early retirement;)

Anyway, one of the many highlights of our week was making edible slime. We started with a drop of blue food coloring in a cup and added 1/4 cup of milk which obviously made blue milk. Then we added 3 tbsp. of instant lemon pudding mix. This is where the fun came in. The mix is obviously white and the kiddos were baffled as to how mixing white and blue made green. After quite of few guesses, one said "Hey, it smells like lemonade!". That's when we spilled the beans and told them that, although it is white powder, it is actually lemon which is why they mixed to make green. So after concentrating really hard and stirring for 2 minutes, the pudding went into the fridge and they were super excited to try it for snack in the afternoon. Thankfully they loved it!
To remember 9/11, we arranged for a police officer and fire fighters to come in and talk about safety with the kids. Plus, we just happened to be doing our "Community" unit so it worked out perfectly! I made some flame cookies for the fire fighters and these badge cookies for the police officer. Plus a card for each of them that the kids signed (great name writing practice!!). I found the card cover here and simply printed the first page of it with the 2 per page setting in Adobe so it was half the size.
One of the safety tips my kiddos learned was how to "Stop, drop, and roll". They were so cute!!
Their favorite part? The hats of course!! Plus the fire fighters were so sweet that, after they presented in my class and the Pre-K class next door, they volunteered to do an impromptu presentation for the upper grades in the auditorium!! Best. Fire fighters. EVER!
Finally, in the spirit of patriotism, I thought I would share my kiddos doing their "Pledge of Allegiance". They've been working on it since the start of the year and they get super excited when we have a few minutes and they can try doing it one at a time in front of the rest of the group. Love to build that self-confidence!!
Have a great weekend!!

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