Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Feed Pilgrims and Santa!

Oh my, I cannot believe it is November already! We're already in our 15th week of school... almost half done with the year!!
Plus, yesterday being Veteran's day, we didn't have school. However, I paid for it today! Longest... Day... EVER! The upside is that I did get a couple new things made for my TpT shop, one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas (yes, I know it's November).
I am so excited about these sets that I actually wish it was Thanksgiving already (and not for the food and shopping). I just cannot wait to use these in my classroom!
Both packs have the same basic idea behind them: assemble the box in kind of the same manner as you would a die and cut out the cards you need to practice the skill you're working on. I usually laminate mine since I use mine with my Pre-K kiddos and they tend to get kind of rough with materials.
The completed boxes look like this:
(Only a little better because I actually ran out of color ink and had to print in grayscale and color them with my daughter's markers *sigh* Nothing like teacher problems)
Anyhoo, both sets are available in my shop and you can find them by clicking on the pictures below:

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