Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good news and even better news!

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays approaching, there is always a lot going on. Of course, being done with Thanksgiving planning and prepping, I am looking forward to December plans and, as usual, our week of family traditions right before winter break. It's always a tricky unit to plan because our class is so culturally diverse. My solution? A take home project of course! ;)
I don't even begin to put on the front that I know a lot about other holidays besides for ones we actually celebrate in my home. Being the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed person in my classroom, it doesn't leave a lot of holidays that I know anything about. So of course I decided to have the parents to a project with their kiddos to bring in and share. This way we could all learn more about our classmates and their families.
What is this project you might ask? It's very simple. Each child takes home a paper to fill out talking about their favorite winter holiday tradition. I actually made two versions of the paper since I'm encouraging the parents to find the picture first and then to choose a page depending on the orientation of the picture (landscape or portrait). Then they simply put the picture on the page and help their child fill in the answers to the questions. Having Pre-K kiddos, we work a lot on handwriting so I used the line-dash-lines instead of just a blank line and told the parents to encourage their child to sound out and write the answers in. If they didn't feel their child could write all the letters on their own, they were to write the letters with a yellow highlighter or marker so their child could trace them and still get handwriting practice. Then they bring the pages back the week before our traditions unit so I can laminate them and bind them into a book before using it to introduce our traditions unit the following Monday.
So what is the good news? I've made the pages with a blank cover and a note to send home with the pages available in my store for FREE! Just click the picture below to find it!
And now for the even better news: TpT will be having their annual Cyber Monday Sale on December 2 and 3!! Everything in my store will be 20% off plus you can use the TpT code to get an additional 20% off making it a total of about 28% off everything in my store and many other stores! So be sure to start working on that wishlist now so you can take full advantage of the sale in a few days. Just click the computer screen below to go to my store!

Enjoy your nice long weekend!

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