Sunday, June 22, 2014

Transitional Chants and Songs

Oh my, where did June go?!? It's about time to start thinking about the beginning of the school year... at least it is if you work in my school district. We start back to school in exactly on month and I'm currently at the "classroom management" planning stage. I decided that I should focus on some transitional songs as my kiddos tend to respond to singing the most.
Our "To the Carpet" song is one of my favorites as it gets their attention quickly and requires them to repeat each line as they are quickly finishing what they are doing and heading to the carpet for the next activity. When I first start using the song, I tell the children that the goal is to have everyone to the carpet and in their seats before they repeat the last line in the song.

"Open, Shut Them" is one of those classic attention getting transition songs that are great if you are waiting for all the children to focus. Typically I will use this one if we are starting an art or science activity where they are all seated at the table with the materials in front of them but have not received instructions yet.

The "Thank You" song is one that one of my students actually taught me. We sing it before lunch and snack as a way to make sure all our friends are at the table and ready to eat.
I know I will use these each and every day in my classroom and I hope you can get some use out of them too. They will definitely help my school year go smoother.
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