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This past year was my first year teaching in an actual school district. I know, some may say "teaching Pre-Kindergarten isn't teaching!" but when I have children coming in not knowing their shapes or colors and going on to Kindergarten being able to read and add and subtract, I'm thinking there's a little teaching going on ;) Anyhoo, as I've said before, my mind tends to be very random which is why I have adapted what I call the "Pinterest Lesson Planning Technique". Being a Pre-K teacher, a lot of our activities tend to not only be academic but also based on a theme. In order to organize ideas I have found online and actually be able to find them back later (that is a real challenge at times!), I created a couple bazillion Pinterest boards. I, of course, have the usual boards for crafty stuff, recipes, clothes, etc. but then I also have more than 50 boards for all my classroom items ranging from basic Classroom Management and Organization to themed boards like Dinosaurs and Thanksgiving. The best part is that, when I go to plan a unit like Dinosaurs, all I have to do is return to that board and I have a great collection of resources that I have already pinned! Now, because I intend to reorganize my lesson plans this year, I also have more basic boards based on subject. This way, when I go looking for a math game, I can simply go to my math board and have lots of options to choose from. Hopefully you guys can get as much use out of these boards as I do!

Here are a few of my favorites:


Gross Motor




Science and Cooking Recipes

Sight Words



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