Saturday, June 15, 2013

Phonics Word Building Book

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and thought I would give it my own little spin.
Phonics Flip Book

I went to Staples to find a bound notecard book like the one above but was pleasantly surprised to find this awesome blue one! Instead of being the size of one notecard, it's the size of three! It has a nice durable plastic cover rather than paper, has pockets in the front cover, and the 3-per-page notecard pages are perforated so you can rip them to separate instead of having to cut each page!
Index Card Notebook
And this was the result:

I just printed the cover onto a full sheet label (2 per page). Click here for your own copy!

Because there are three cards per page, I was able to put all the consonants on the left and right sides and all the vowels in the center to make CVC words.

I also put beginning and ending blends on the left and right sides (all in alphabetical order of course so it's easier to find) and vowel blends like "oo", "ea", etc. in the center. I can pretty much make any 5 letter word!

Hope you enjoy it!

Katie Poyzer


  1. I was just thinking about doing this! I may have to head over to Staples soon! Awesome idea!

  2. Is there a brand you can give? I'm searching the internet and can't find it. I love this idea!

    1. Sorry about that, I found them on Amazon if you would like to go take a look

      I believe they were a bit cheaper in the store at Staples but they don't have them on their website. :(