Monday, June 3, 2013

Our school has officially been on summer break for a week now. First of all... YAY! Second of all... Shoot! I still have 2 little girls at home with me and I would really like them to retain a little bit of what they've been doing at school the past year without having to do full-on homeschooling with them. Plus, for some strange reason, I felt the need to tutor for the first 4 weeks of summer. This leaves me with the problem of finding something I can make that will keep them all working without boring them but also without making 20 different things and without having them sit in front of electronics for 6 hours a day while I try to get some work done. My solution? Flashcards! Kind of...

I was inspired by these beginning sounds blends I saw on Pinterest:

Unfortunately, the picture was uploaded by the user so I couldn't get an actual source to download them. So what's a girl to do? I experimented with clipart and shapes in Word and this is what I came up with.

At first I thought the girls would run and hide when they saw them because they looked so much like flashcards but I think they rainbows and bright colors helped. So I started out with my 3-year old since she was much more eager than my 7-year old.

We practiced number recognition,

And counting with one-to-one correspondence.

Then, like I thought, my 7-year old was seeing all the attention (and fun!) and decided she wanted in on it too!
So we worked on addition and subtraction,

number comparisons,

and numerical order.

Then we switched gears to work on literacy. We did number recognition with Tahlia first.
Noella was next with beginning sounds (she thought this was pretty easy and I should hope it was!)

and alphabetical order.

Finally, we decided to combine the uppercase and lowercase sets to do some uppercase/lowercase matching

and Go Fish!

They must have had fun because Tahlia actually tried to take them with her when she went to take her nap!!

If this looks like something you could use, you can find the three sets and a bundled set in my store!

Math Fan Numbers 0-30
Uppercase Phonics Fan
Lowercase Phonics Fan

Math and Phonics Fan Bundle
Hope you enjoy!
Katie Poyzer


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