Saturday, June 29, 2013

Small group time in Pre-K

Linking up for week 4 of Applicious Teacher's summer linky series: Small Group Instruction.

Our small group time is pretty simple in Pre-K. We typically have 4 centers (5 kiddos per group) that rotate. Yep, even my little ones are able to rotate (with quite a bit of practice of course). I have these wonderful signs I got from the Colorful Classroom set at The Hands-On Teacher. Not only are there enough for each group but they're also rainbow themed so they match my classroom!

All I have to do is switch the circles as a cue for the kiddos to clean up and then I ring my teacher bell so they know when to switch.
A lot of my centers are either games, papers in sheet protectors, or ready-made tools. Because I teach little ones, we play a lot of games like Memory and Go Fish with cards that correspond to what where working on ("Do you have the base ten blocks for 17?" "Go Fish!"). If there's a paper they're working on, I will put it in a sheet protector and give them wipe-off markers. This way, I only need to make 5 copies and they can be reused for each group. As for ready-made tools, I have sight word games and letter tiles among many other things that I use. I actually made a word building book that has beginning, middle, and ending sounds on the cards so children can flip the cards to build words. You can read more about it here or find the cover for FREE by clicking the picture below:
I hope that helps! What do you do during your small group time?
Katie Poyzer

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