Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love a good maxi skirt!

So, I've recently come to the conclusion that I hate pants. Ok, maybe not hate but I'm starting to highly prefer skirts and dresses over pants or capris. Why you might ask? For one thing, I live in the desert (Arizona) and I'm not a big fan of thigh sweat (I know, crazy right?) and for another, knit is WAY more comfortable than any pants material. It's about the closest I can get to wearing yoga pants to work so why not?

Well, after doing a little online searching, I've come to realize that other people really like skirts and dresses too. So much so that a simple maxi skirt costs around $25-$30 if you want something even semi-cute. This is where my I-refuse-to-buy-something-I-could-make-myself mentality comes in. Why couldn't I make a simply long skirt with one of those super comfy fold-over yoga waists? I know the basics of sewing so why not?

My first step of course was to go to the local craft/fabric store and see if there was even anything that was remotely cute that I could use for a skirt. Of course they had lots of cute fabric (even chevron!) but not a whole lot in a knit (think stretchy t-shirt or yoga pants material). Just as I was about to give up, I saw it! It was a gray knit with thin cream horizontal stripes that were actually tiny crocheted scallops! I fell in love!

Of course being the procrastinator I am, I had to force myself to get some work done before I would allow myself to make what I knew would be an adorable skirt (no lack of self-confidence here!).

So after tediously prepping all of my classroom activities for next week, I felt I had fully earned the treat of sewing a skirt (did I mention I'm a little nerdy?).

I had pinned this great tutorial a while back from Delia Creates and used it as a general guideline. I knew I wanted a skirt that was wider at the base than the one in the tutorial so, instead of cutting a rectangle the width she recommended, I basically cut a rectangle that was the length of the skirt that I was going for. Then, I cut it into two like the tutorial and tapered it depending on my waist. This way I was using the full width of the fabric for the bottom of the skirt. It was all a bit of a challenge because (according to my Mom), I need a new needle. But I managed to make it work and this is what I came up with:

The piece worn as a skirt with the waistband folded over like yoga pants.

The piece pulled up and the waistband unfolded to create a bodice.
Nothing like 2 outfits in one!! I'm so excited to be able to wear this to work that I think I am actually eager to go to work on a Monday (see, there's more of the crazy coming out). I might just have to start making more clothes on the weekend if that's all it takes to get me excited about Mondays!

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Have a great week!


  1. Awesome! I LOVE maxi skirts! I would love to try this!!!!!!!

  2. This looks so cute worn both ways! I need to try it :)

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