Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sum It Up Sunday

So, the school I teach at is encouraging teachers to do a classroom blog. My first reaction? Ugh, I already have one blog that I don't update NEAR as much as I should! But, after thinking about it for a bit, I decided that it would be uber-beneficial to the parents and the students so I decided that, when I do my end of the week newsletter, I'll just update the class blog at the same time. Plus, I can basically use that same post (or most of it) to sum up what we did and post it here! So, without further ado, here were a few things we did last week:

First of all, our science focus was on magnets. We did a fun activity where each child had a magnet, a clipboard, and a paper and were asked to go around the room and find things that their magnet would "stick to". They drew a picture of 6 different things on their paper (and wrote the name under if they could) before we came back together to share what we found.

The next day we talked about different types of magnets (horseshoe magnets vs. bar magnets) and made guesses at how long of a paperclip chain each magnet could hold. We recorded our guesses on the board, tried the experiment and determined that our horseshoe magnet held a longer chain making it the stronger of the two magnets!
Then we let them experiment on their own to see if they could make a longer paperclip chain than what we did as a class.

I never thought they would love magnets this much! I'm so happy we have next week to continue to explore with the magnets. Plus, if you would like to do some of the activities we did, you can find my Magnet Science pack here:

 For the last few weeks we have been learning about each other and what it means to be a good friend. A big part of that was how to work together as a team so, for art, we had the children work over the course of two days to make various colored handprints.

Yep, they had to trace their hands and cut them out themselves!

For the red, orange, and yellow hands, they even had to color them in!

Then they added their names and we put them together to form a huge class handprint rainbow!

For our special snack, we made self-portrait rice cakes. The children were given a rice cake, cream cheese, two raisins (eyes), a marshmallow (nose), a dried apple slice (mouth), and shredded carrots (hair).

It was definitely a challenge for some to spread the cream cheese but they got the hang of it very quickly.

And they were such hard workers!

The best part? They even tasted good!
Be sure to check back next week for more fun activities! Also, make sure to check out all the other fun going on in other classrooms at:
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