Monday, August 22, 2011

So much to do, so little... ambition!

Ah, it's Monday again. And once again, I find myself facing a huge list of stuff that I want to accomplish... everything from cleaning house and getting homework done to making some new crafty stuff and reorganizing my crafty room. But like every other Monday in existence, I will probably only get a few things done on my list and then feel horribly unproductive. So in order to attempt to get things done faster today, I'm going to try something a little different. Instead of having my to-do list sit out on the counter and taunt me and my procrastination, I'm not even going to take it out until the end of nap. Instead, I'm just going to walk around the house and clean up whatever I see and continue to clean until lunch. Then I can work on homework and other stuff during nap. Then I'll look at my list and (hopefully) be able to cross a couple things off.

However, like I said, I get very easily distracted and kept thinking about online things and therefore decided to tackle the morning blog and such first.

So, to keep this short and simple, I wanted to remind everyone that, if you head over to Facebook, there are a few pages that I have items either in auctions or giveaways. Marie Addison Designs is doing an auction right now where I have bunches of felt food (cupcakes, strawberries, and breakfast foods) listed. Also, Dimples and Giggles Bowtique is doing a 2,000 fan giveaway that will be ending soon. I have a set of felt sugar cookies that are super cute that I'm giving away.

Anyway, enough of the rambling. I can feel the ambition coming on and must get to work. Hopefully I can return with lots of pictures of new crafty items for sale!!

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